Monday, 7 December 2009

Hello World!

I guess if you're reading this you've found me, so that's got to be a good start right?
My name is Ruth, and I am the proud owner of Button Moon Bouquet - handmade, vintage button and bead bouquets.

I have started this venture on the back of my own wedding. We had a vintage theme to our Big Day, with me in an Edwardian style dress, and my bridesmaid's in 1930's bias cut frocks. My husband wore a tailored suit based on Jeeves and Wooster, and lots of the details - from the handmade bunting to the reception Pavilion, had a real old school feel!
Despite the fact I love fresh flowers, I couldn't help but think there must be something a little bit different out there to reflect myself and our wedding.
I am a trained costume designer, and my day job is running a costume hire company, as well as dabbling in dealing vintage clothing etc.
Over the years, I had amassed a huge collection of buttons, beads, lace and all sorts of vintage haberdashery. From childhood, people have passed these things onto me, and the magpie that I am have hoarded and stored everything until they are 'useful'.
Anyway, having made my dress, the 3 bridesmaid dresses, the bunting, the favours (you get the idea) I turned my attention to making a bouquet. I had come across 'al ternative' non flower bouquets online, but nothing that really hit the spot, so to speak. So I figured I could use my massive collection of odds and sods to create something totally unique and personal to me!
I'll tell you more about my bouquet later, but first I'll show you some pictures of my Big Day, so I don't get too wordy and bore you all to tears ;-)

By the way, these gorgeous pics are by our very talented wedding photographer Julian Kilsby - sadly he no longer does weddings as he is focusing on his fashion work, but you can visit his website here:

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  1. Exciting times and beautiful blog lovely lady! xxx