Thursday, 25 March 2010

My bouquet

So, let me tell you about my bouquet - button moon bouquet's prototype if you like!
As I mentioned, it was made using lots of bits and pieces collected from my years of crafts/costume design/vintage dealing etc. I literally have boxes upon boxes of buttons and beads! To add to this, I had various donations from my lovely friends and family once they realised what I was up to.

The really special item however is the little opal and diamante brooch you can see in the top of this picture. My dear step-father Chris wanted me to have it, as he had picked it up in an antique shop and thought it would go well. The lovely part of it is that his Mum was one of twins, and had owned an almost exact copy of this one. Sadly she has now passed away, but Chris kept the brooch, and my mum wore it on her wedding day. When he saw the brooch 'twin' in that antique shop, he knew he just had to have it! It meant so much to me that he wanted to share it with me, and it becomes even more poignant now, as Chris himself passed away only a few months after our wedding. So now whenever I look at my bouquet, it is filled with wonderful memories, and also serves as a reminder of what a kind and generous man Chris was.

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