Friday, 23 April 2010

All that glitters!

Good morning!
Today I thought I'd tell you a bit about how I work. Currently I'm based from home, so when my husband isn't getting under my feet, I'm normally at the table in the back room, with the sun shining (if I'm lucky) at cat at my side and a coffee in my hand. This is the perfect working scenario, as I can then spend my time twiddling and twirling bits of wire and buttons to create the perfect bouquet. Most of my bouquets are made up of vintage brooches, vintage buttons, glass beads, pearls, frosted flowers and the occasional antique lace flower. I love the fact that as each item is made to commission, I am at the whim of my brides imagination, and they always have such fabulous ideas and colour schemes.
I am trying to find a way of keeping everything organised, and since I discovered poundland were selling glass kilner jars at 2 for £1, everything is now in it's own jar, neatly lined up on my workbench!
Below is a picture of my current stock of brooches, I can't tell you how pretty they look sparkling in the sunshine, so this will have to do instead!!

Also, Button Moon Bouquet has been featured on another blog post, this time the lovely Viv at Poppy Sparkles has included my mini bridal bouquet in her pearl themed wedding moodboard!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Head on over to...

So I'm being a bit lazy today and sending you over to Boho Wedding & Events blog, as I have done a guest spot there on alternative wedding bouquets - go take a peek!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Blog swapping!

I've had 2 lovely blog mentions this week, so I thought it was only fair to return the favour!
The first is by a lovely lady who is one of my twitter followers, Carolines Cake Company - a local (as in just down the road!) bakery who's cakes look fabulous! Read what she's says about Button Moon here:

I love seeing what cake companies can create, as I think it is a secret dream of mine to run one myself. Along with a couple of friends, I run a monthly cake stall at a local vintage fair, where we sell cupcakes and other tasty treats, all served on vintage china cake stands! I love doing it - check us out in all our 50s housewife finery!

The other post is an interview I did for the amazing Rachel Simpson Shoes, who make incredible vintage style footwear, and are also locally based. It's so nice to discover local wedding suppliers as I can start to put faces to names!
Cheers ladies!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Fairground Attraction

One area I have always taken inspiration from is films and live theatre. I'm not a huge film buff, but I love directors such as Tim Burton, Baz Luhrman and Terry Gilliam. There is also a theatre company called Kneehigh Theatre who I adore, and I've seen most of their work at least once.
I think it's the combination of amazing costumes, beautiful set designs with a real vintage feel, and also the sheer fantasy element that attracts me - they are as far from the mundane as you can get, and allow for complete escapism.

I watched the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus this evening, and it reminded me of fairgrounds and carnivals, and the sheer escapism and magic they represent. As well as that, the riot of colour and sparkle is just fabulous, and it got me thinking that I'd like to recreate that somehow in a bouquet design.
I'm not yet sure how I can do this, but I think I'll need lots of single stone brooches and bright glass beads in the slightly muted clashing colours you can see above. I think this will be more of a personal project than a sellable one, but watch this space and I'll keep you update on it's progress!