Saturday, 27 March 2010

Up to Date

Right, I thought it as time that I brought you up to date with my new venture.
After my wedding, I had lots of compliments on my bouquet, so my little business brain began to whirr. I'd discovered Etsy whilst planning my wedding, and loved the thought of being able to sell my own things on line. So after a bit of market research and doing a couple of bouquet commission for cost price to see if it was a viable business, I decided to try and sell a few bouquets at full price.
Lucky for me it has tuned out to be a good decision. The response to my bouquets has been brilliant, and I have been posting them to USA and Australia as well as UK.

Things have been going so well in fact, that I have decided to attempt to join the wedding industry full time! A bit of a scary leap I must admit, but for various reasons I decided that Costumia had had it's day, and it was time to move on. Continuing Button Moon Bouquet (as I decided to call it) seemed a natural progression.

So here it is - ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Button Moon Bouquet!!

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  1. I need you to email me with all the details! I wish you all the best, so proud of your for making another leap into the creative unknown, you are a pioneer! xxx